So we have come to to terms with the fact that we are health and fitness professionals… NOT Blog/creative writing experts. And that is okay! We will get better with each blog. Bare with me 🙂

To kick-off this Blog, I would like to give you some info about what you can expect to see in our Blogs and some stuff about us too.

What is the Blog about?

The aim of this blog is not to get the most ‘likes’ or the biggest ‘following’, but to educate you on health, fitness or sport related topics. And we would love your engagement with our various topics and how they are applicable to you. If you feel that our content is not contributing to your health, fitness or even well-being, then please feel free to hit us up with some suggestions or things you would like to see in our blogs.

What you can expect?
  • Interesting, sometimes “not so conventional” topics
  • Views of other Professionals, and maybe the odd enthusiast
  • Evidence-based resources

You may have heard the term…

Knowledge is Power

by Sir Francis Bacon

…and we intend on giving you the power to make positive changes, not only to yours but others lives too.

A bit about Limitless

I founded the brand ‘Limitless’ on the concept that you need to make things happen, you just need to dig deep and persevere. In doing so, you become Limitless! This first came to life when I realized it was necessary to create my own experience. In my (and I’m sure in many other’s) profession, every employer wants experienced workers, at least 2 years in most cases. The downside is that nobody is willing to provide this working experience, at least while paying someone a salary. So I started my coaching career straight out of high school while playing semi-pro football myself.

Over the span of 7 years, I have become a qualified Biokineticist with my own practice, completed a Masters degree, and opened a full membership-based functional fitness facility. I also had the opportunity to work with some of SA’s best athletes in football, rugby and boxing. That sounds glamorous, but all the not-so-glamorous graft in between is what made the magic happen. If I wasn’t shadowing or studying, I was working as a casual to buy bits and pieces of equipment and planning for the gym I would have in the next few years. I will leave those stories for another Blog or maybe I will even write a book. Who knows? 😉 Moral of the story is, I made it happen, nobody is going to make it happen for you. This holds true for my clients and their health or fitness goals. Therefore this business is based on “Making it Happen.”

We are now busy setting up our Online Coaching Business in the UK with the intention of coaching people for the game of life. We offer 3 specific membership options:

  • The Daily – Annual training plan to follow
  • The Goal – Personalized exercise plan guided by a coach
  • The Guide – Tutorials and specific goals

These will be launched soon!

Health and Fitness Today!

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The health and fitness industry is one of the worlds largest, if not the largest, industry in the world today. It has become so multi-faceted, with so many different theory’s that it’s actually confusing and often off-putting to the everyday person. Even me as a professional, am often confused by controversial evidence about important health topics eg. nutrition. So while many are in search of THE BLUEPRINT, or a quick fix, we will be providing you with the knowledge to help you to practically live a healthier lifestyle.

JUST PLEASE NOTE: If you are insistent that there is a Blueprint and a magic supplement that will make your goals happen for you, then our content will not work for you unfortunately. 

For what it’s worth right now, the best thing to do is just get the basics right and be consistent. For eg. If you are planning to use supplements, at least keep your eating clean, exercise regularly and get good sleep. The “supplements” are exactly what they are called…they will only “supplement” what you do. Consistency is key! I am sure you have heard that one before. And no matter how many times you hear it, it does not become any less applicable. So please make sure you are doing the basics well before spending lots of money on online programs and supps. I guarantee that your results will be more permanent.

- Back-2-basics
- Be consistent,
- Be positive

Wrap up

So to end off this Blog, I would like to thank you for reading. My writing may need some work but you can be sure that I will continue making it happen until I am better. All the best to you and your goals in 2020. And feel free to hit us up if you have any questions or would like to see some topics in our Blog!

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