With a new year taking its course, we tend to get into the “new year, new me” mindset or we get “2020 vision”…LOL. And that is GREAT! Go out there and GET IT! But unfortunately the hype is more often than not, short-lived. Over the next few weeks I will be giving you a few tips on how you can optimize the effectiveness of your training program and maintain your new found lifestyle. Obviously these are not the “BE-ALL and END-ALL” of training tips. There are millions of tips one could give to a beginner or returning exerciser. These were just taken from what I have experienced in my time coaching/practicing and I hope that you can find a use for them in your training.

Will it be easy? Hell no! But, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right? I will reiterate what I said in the previous blog post: If you prefer to try all the gimmicks as an easy way out, then this blog is not for you.

Another thing to note is that these tips can be applied to athlete and rehabilitation programs as well. If it involves exercise, you should be working on these. So lets get started.

Set your Goals for change, not outcomes.

This tip is just a little shift in focus. I have put them into actionable steps so that you don’t waste your time dreaming of an outcome, but get off your behind and start making it happen.

Step 1: Determine your goal or desired outcome.

We have all had the “6-pack” or “flat stomach” goal for ourselves before (unless you were born with one). So we will use this as our example going forward for the sake of the article, keeping in mind it can be applied to any program.

Now achieving this goal can be difficult and it can take a while as we all may know. There are things we need to do and sacrifices we have to make in order to achieve this big goal. We often have the correct chain of thought which is generally speaking: eat clean and start exercising/exercise more. This approach is not wrong, but all we see a list of “things to do”. This list of “things to do” can make the goal seem very distant, which in turn can be rather demotivating.

“OMW I need to go to gym at 5am.”

“Ahhg I am not looking forward to this bland dinner of broccoli and chicken with no sauce or spice.”

Step 2: Determine what needs to be done.

Going with the example chosen, lets look at the “things to do” to achieve this:

  • Eat at least 2 cups of vegetables a day
  • Cut at least at least 1 sugar out of tea/coffee
  • Stop drinking soda
  • Stop eating bread, pasta and cake
  • Drink 2L of water a day
  • Exercise at least 30min per day, 5 times a week

It may not seem like much at first, but that becomes quite a list if you take a closer look, and many of those are going to be challenging in themselves.

Step 3: Shift your focus

Stay with me: Remove the 6-pack as a goal, but make it a key result or by-product of an achieved goal. Now you might be thinking, “well what is the goal then?” Hold that thought.

Go over that list of “things to do” again and choose 3 of the most difficult to do…

Have you got them? Great! Congratulations, you have just set yourself some solid goals 🙂

This is what they should look like (and may vary person to person):

  • Goal 1: Exercise at least 30min per day, 5 times a week
  • Goal 2: Stop eating bread, pasta and cake
  • Goal 3: Eat at least 2 cups of vegetables a day

These are now the targets you need to reach if you want to get to where you want to be. These are what you should be pinning on the wall to remind you what needs to be done.

Step 4: Go get it!

Now go focus all of your energy on those goals. Yes this will still require discipline, but at least you have a clear idea of what needs to be done. Start today. Don’t wait for Monday. Attack those those goals!


Setting your goals to initiate change results in gradually adopting a healthier lifestyle. And with a healthier lifestyle comes the beneficial outcomes ie. better body composition aka flat tummy. If you remain consistent in achieving those “things to do” aka YOUR GOALS, the outcomes from this will be far more than just a 6-pack.

I hope you find this tip useful. Give it a try when you are thinking of something to accomplish. Feel free to hit us up if you would like some assistance with setting up a program for Performance, Lifestyle or Rehabilitation.

Post your new found goals in the comments below.

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  • Very interesting! Been battling for 6 pack abs for some time now… going to follow your tips and get going! #2020vision haha

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