The world we live in seems to be so fast pace that we forget to consider our own health as a priority. Yes, over the years there has been an increase in awareness that physical activity is important for our health. Rewards programs and health insurance companies have played a vital role in this awareness. But yet it remains challenging to create a plan and stick to it, consistently. In this article we will discuss 3 reasons why you should have a plan.

This will be a short article listing 3 reasons why we should have a plan.

1. A Plan saves time and improves consistency

Even just a general program will help you save time. Without a plan, not only will you find yourself burning time by being indecisive on what to do next, but you also won’t get much productive work done. Most likely because there is not much thought behind it. I don’t want to say it will be a waste of time, because the fact that you are doing something is better than nothing, however, that time has LOADS of room for optimizing.

One of the most commonly used excuses I have heard is, “I don’t have time!” So get yourself a plan so you can be more productive with your time. Bringing up our previous Tip 3: Find a Friend or Group to Train With gives some options that actually takes the thinking out of it for you. Places like CrossFit boxes and Personal Trainers or even sports clubs will have a program or curriculum to follow. So if that is something you struggle with, take the advice of our previous tip. You can also look at The Daily which we have just launched this week. Give it a try by signing up for a 14-Day FREE TRIAL.

2. A Plan works towards something, and therefore motivates

I was someone who liked to wing it when I went to the gym. After time I started falling off the wagon, mainly because I wasn’t getting any results (desired results that is). Then you think to yourself, why are you doing this, this is a waste of time…(back at point 1)

The body adapts to its stressors, provided that the stimulus of the stressor is strong enough. Exercise is a form of stress that you put the body through for it to become more resilient to the specific stress. This is a principle known as SAID (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands). In other words getting stronger, faster, fitter depending on what you are training for. When your body adapts and changes, which is usually a desired result of exercise, it is quite motivating. However, usually If you do not have a plan, you will most likely not stress the body enough for these changes to take place, leaving you going to the gym and not seeing results.

3. A good plan can prevent injuries

A little contrast to the above point. It can occur that you over stress the system, because you (hypothetically) want to do chest and arms or bums and tums every day. Hence why the heading says a “good” plan can prevent injuries. If you are an “all or nothing” type of person and hyper-focused on achieving something, plan it out before, so that you can take into account recovery time, sleep, nutrition, intensity and volume. These all play a key role in preventing injuries. Go see our article When to Prehab which will give you an outline as to how you can use The Daily based on your current situation.

Wrap Up

Thank you for being awesome and reading this article. I hope that you have taken something away from it. If not, we do have something to give you…

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