As we have previously mentioned in The Daily Countdown 12, the term “functional movement” or “functional training” is broadly stretched in the health and fitness community. It is often debated among health professionals about what is considered functional and what is not. This article is the intro to a series of articles over the next few weeks, covering the different schools of thought around “functional training.”


The definition of “functional training” seems to vary based on the setting in which it is used. Some people will refer to any compounded exercise as a functional exercise, with a compound exercise being one that uses multiple joints and muscle groups. This definition you might find at your local globo-gym. Others will say functional movements are those that replicate what you do based on your occupation, sport, or common activities of daily living. This version will probably be found in physical therapy settings. It may even be regarded as a brand of fitness in itself, the one that you picture a lot of sweat, barbells and battleropes. This you can find in “functional training” gyms.

Therefore the next 3 articles will be discussing:

  • The Brand of Functional Fitness
  • Functional Training & Rehabilitation
  • Functional Exercises vs Compound Exercises

Wrap up

These articles will be released every Wednesday. Be sure to check it out if Functional Training interests you.

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