Exercising in a Fitness Community

Group exercise has proven time and time again that a fitness community is a highly effective strategy to improve and mainatain a good quality of life. The benefits of exercising with people are extraordinary. Many have done an amazing job at creating this on a bigger scale where thousands of people are on the same program all wanting to achieve optimal health or performance. And many who are following these programs are drastically changing their lives for the better, AND they are loving it!

Here are 5 reasons why being in a fitness community works:

1 Accountability to your fitness community

In a fitness community, people are unofficially obliged to “stick to the plan” or try their best, otherwise they may let their peers down. This concept is a very well known method to keep consistency in a program. It starts with showing up. You and your friend Sally, who you may or may not have met in the community, are on a similar level of fitness, you both have kids and want to live a healthier lifestyle. Some days you don’t feel like training. What does Sally do? She calls you up and says, “see you in 5 min!” Are you going to join now or not? Most of the time, this situation is enough to obligate you to join your friend Sally in a good hour of fun. Hence – Accountability.

2 Guidance from your coach and peers

When someone seeks exercise guidance, they usually refer to a Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist depending on the reason. This is a good chain of thought as one can get injured doing exercise. And if you are already injured, best you go straight to the healthcare provider ie. physiotherapist. But when you are just wanting to get healthier and be more active, a PT session can be very expensive. Another benefit of being in a Fitness Community is that you will have a coach or trainer present that can guide you through exercises correctly, and keep an eye on you through the session. When your peers have done exercise for a while, they could also nudge you in the right direction. For example, you guys are performing Planks, but the coach is busy correcting someone elses plank at the moment, your friend Dave looks at your plank and tells you, hey! Tighten your abs up and squeeze those bum muscles, don’t let your back sink. This is a great help and an amazing thing to be a part of.

3 Motivation

The motivation is the most obvious one. You want to go where the things are happening or where your people are. This has often made people who absolutely hate exercise start with a program because their best friend is doing it. That is motivation and is a huge game changer! The results that come with consistency in itself is also very motivating. Imagine after a month or 2 of training you a peer tells you, “You smashed that one!” or “you are looking good!”

How good would that feel? Pretty motivating right, this stuff really works.

4 Cost-Effective

As previously mentioned, working with a personal trainer or physio can be quite expensive, especially if you have 3 or more sessions a week. BUT with a community, this is far cheaper than one-on-one training. You would normally pay a set monthly fee to attend classes or meetings instead of that same monthly amount (sometimes even more) for just one hour. This is often the decision maker for people who are looking for a program. As a coach who enjoys one-on-one myself, I would highly recommend the group training before as the benefits far outweigh the cons. The only cases where one-on-on will be absolutely necessary is when you have a particular need that requires you to follow a very specific program for eg, a rehab program.

5 Fun & Social

To pretty much tie up all the factors above, exercising in a community is super fun and social. Fun because you can cheer eachother on and do it with like-minded people, and social because it is a great opportunity to make friends with fun and like-minded people. You guys can all suffer together (a lot more fun than it sounds).

The type of comeradrie that forms in these settings is a force that can really be beneficial to achieving optimal health.

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