Corporate Wellness

– Functional Fitness Team Building
– Improved employee health
– Improved productivity
– Active Company culture
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“Die Trainingseinheiten mit Jordy machen immer wieder – auch bei schlechtem Wetter – viel Spaß. Sie sind sehr abwechslungsreich und dadurch kurzweilig, er achtet auf eine korrekte Haltung und Durchführung, sorgt für eine super angenehme Atmosphäre im Team und auch nicht selten dafür, dass man am nächsten Tag stolz auf seinen Muskelkater ist. Ganz nebenbei wird auch noch der Teamgeist gestärkt.”
Palmer Hargreaves GmbH
Creative Agency – Köln, Germany

Health and Fitness solutions for your company

We now offer exclusive services to you and your employees or colleagues.

outdoor classes

On-Site Classes

Team Building activities is a great way to strengthen a companies culture. We will perform classes exclusively with your employees and colleagues at a convenient location ie. on-site.

A woman doing a prehab exercise

Health Assessments

It is well known that healthy people are more productive. By doing assessments, your employees and colleagues will understand where they are in terms of their health and what they need to do to improve.

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Membership Discounts

Home-office? No problem, we can offer your company and its employees exclusive discounts to our memberships directly. Check out our memberships here.

Sports Massage

Release tensions of the workplace environment with sports massage.