Thank you for signing up with us

We are super happy to have you here. Now the next few steps are important to get you set up for success.

Step 1: Watch the Welcome Video

Step 2: App Set up

To start setting your App up, complete the form below. Shortly after completing the form you should be receiving an email to start the App Set-up. Follow the link in that email. This will take you through a tour of the App so you can navigate easily and get started on your training as quick as possible.

Step 3: Join our Exclusive Facebook Support Group

In our FB Support Group, you will receive constant support on our services and app, as well as tutorials and training to optimize your experience.

Step 4: Explore your App

Once you have set up your App, you will receive a notification when a program has been assigned to you. Your program will be set to a calendar by default and you will have the freedom to shift things around to suit your schedule. You will also be assigned to a community group where you guys can discuss the WODS and cheer each other on as you become better movers together.

Note: This on-boarding is also available as a PDF